Infant Program

infant prog

Love, Learning and Lots of Cuddle Time

Peace of mind—that’s the number one thing we provide new parents with our highly skilled Infant Program. We do that by working around each infant’s individual schedule. At morning drop-off, our expert caregivers make note of how your baby slept, what time he woke up and when he last ate so we can anticipate the day’s program based on your child’s schedule, not ours. 
Each infant room is filled with age-appropriate, interactive toys from bouncy seats to jumpers to exersaucers to push toys and all safety concerns are strictly adhered to, including how babies are put down to nap. Lots of individual oversight from tummy time on the mat to one-on-one play sessions nurture developmental skills and lay the groundwork for language and communication development as well as cognitive and physical development.
Health and safety concerns are primary, so all mats, mattresses and toys are washed nightly (and as needed) with bleach water, and every child is assigned their own crib, which is used only by them for naps and diaper changes. Riviera provides all diapers, wipes, baby food, rice cereal, bibs and crib sheets, so parents only need to provide formula or breast milk. 
We know it can be stressful to leave your new baby for the first time, which is why our specially trained infant caregivers work hard to create a loving bond, safe surroundings and an unparalleled environment where your baby can grow, learn and thrive.