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Tips to Prepare Your Shy Child for Preschool

Shy Child

The idea of going to preschool can be frightening for a shy child. As a parent, you can help your child overcome these fears. Talking to your child about what is to come, preparing your child for the routines of preschool, and getting your child to open up about his or her feelings can all help prepare your child for the first few days.  

Talk About Preschool at Home

Often it's the unknown that causes a shy child to be afraid. Demystifying preschool can help calm your child. The best way to take the mystery out of preschool is to talk regularly about the things that happen in preschool and what children do there. 

There are many ways to work preschool into everyday conversation with your child. At snack time, talk about the snack foods that children eat at preschool. When you're doing crafts, tell your child that he or she will be doing similar crafts at school. When your child goes to the bathroom, talk to them about how teachers at preschool will have to help him or her go potty.

These little tidbits can help your child develop a full picture of what preschool will be like while helping your child get used to school bit by bit. 

Ask Your Child to Share His or Her Feelings

Opening up about his or her fears may help your child start to feel better. During your conversations with your child, ask questions to help you get to the heart of your child's concerns. Don't judge your child's fears, and don't dismiss them. Instead, say supportive things like, "meeting new people can be frightening" and, "I can see why you're concerned." 

Play Preschool

Role play is a safe way for your child to experience preschool. Set up a preschool in your living room or in your child's room, and then play preschool with your child. Play teacher and allow your child to play the student. When you're done, reverse the roles. Do this multiple times to ensure that your child feels better about going to school. 

Find a Reputable Preschool With a Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

A reputable preschool with a low student-to-teacher ratio should be able to help your child make the transition from home to preschool and give your child adequate attention regardless of how shy they are. When you visit different schools, ask the teachers how they handle shyness and what they do to help put children at ease. Look for a preschool that has features you know your child will like. Doing this will make it easier to find the right school for your child. 

Take Your Child to Visit the Preschool Multiple Times

Schedule multiple visits at the preschool so your child can see the facilities, meet the children, and talk to the teachers. If possible, bring your child at different times and on different days of the week so your child can see the students engage in different activities.

If possible, bring your child to the preschool when they are doing activities that you know he or she will like. This will help generate enthusiasm and make your child excited for her or her first day of school.  

Contact a Good Preschool

Speaking to the staff at a reputable preschool can help you determine the best ways to help your shy child prepare for this new phase in his or her life. To find out more, contact a school with a good reputation.

At Riviera Daycare & Preschool, we're happy to answer parent questions about how to prepare a shy child for a successful preschool experience. Call us today to get answers to your questions and learn more about our programs.