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ADHD in Preschoolers: A Guide for Parents

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Preschool children need to master a variety of lessons at a young age to improve their chances of educational success. However, ADHD strikes many children at this age and can make learning a challenge. Thankfully, treatment is available for this.

ADHD Can Challenge Even Young Children

Preschool children have the kind of high energy that makes diagnosing ADHD hard for those at this age. However, preschool children with ADHD will be even more intense than their peers, continuing to run, play, and not stay still while their friends and companions calm down.

Sometimes, preschool children with ADHD struggle to play with those who can't keep up and may lack friends. As a result, children with ADHD may struggle to connect with others and build positive relationships during a very critical part of their childhood development.

Even worse, this high level of preschool energy paired with ADHD can make learning very difficult for even the smartest child with ADHD. As a result, parents of preschool children with ADHD need to take immediate steps to help their children and provide them with the care they need to master their behaviors. 

Treatment Should Focus on Behavior Adjustments 

Very young preschool children usually don't get medication for ADHD due to their age. Instead, parents and medical professionals often pursue various forms of behavioral therapy. For example, parents need to learn how to redirect their child's behavior in constructive ways and teach the child how to spot problematic behaviors and avoid them. 

Behavior therapy also focuses on teaching parents the proper coping methods for handling the sometimes uncontrollable energy of their child with ADHD. For example, parents can learn patience in handling their child during high periods of activity caused by AHDH. By reinforcing positive behaviors, parents can help their child refocus on their education and development at an early age.

Often, focused and sustained behavior therapy helps to provide a preschool child with the chance to improve their behavior enough to avoid medicine. However, parents in this situation may need some help while their child learns these lessons. Thankfully, preschool daycare may provide all of the support a child needs to overcome this issue.

Preschool Daycare May Help 

The kind of behavioral adjustments needed to focus a child with ADHD can come in a preschool daycare or educational environment. For example, preschool education specialists can provide constant supervision for the child and redirect and refocus them in positive ways when they start to behave in ways that aren't focused or appropriate.

Just as importantly, preschool daycare can help parents recharge their energy and make later care beneficial for both the parent and child. Just as importantly, the child with ADHD can experience socialization with children their age and interact with people outside of their immediate family.

In this way, a child with ADHD not only can learn how to better control their behaviors but master social skills before going to kindergarten classes. These types of lessons provide a child with a real chance to enjoy their educational experience.

Beyond this help, preschool daycare experts can also watch the child's behavior for any triggering events that may cause outbursts or excessive anger or energy. For example, the child may easily get overstimulated when too many play options are present. With the help of a daycare center, children can learn how to focus on just one or two different toys or games.

High-Quality Daycare Is Available 

If your child has ADHD and you want to help them succeed in their early education, please don't hesitate to contact us at Riviera Daycare & Preschool to learn more. Our experts will work hard to understand the situation thoroughly and will create lesson plans that work for your child's needs.